Manajemen Sarana dan Prasarana Pendidikan Dalam Perspektif Islam


  • Abdullah Jawawi Institut Parahikma Indonesia


Manajemen Sarana Prasarana, Pendidikan, Perspektif, Islam


Management of facilities and infrastructure in Islamic perspective. Education includesadministering and managing well education Management is the foundation of IslamQur'an and Hadith with the principle of Tauhid, Khalifah and trustful. Furthermore, thefunction of which is popularly called management Planning, Organizing, Actuating andControlling, in line with the teachings of the Qur'an, that in life and life, man must havethe planning , organization , unity and mutual cooperation. In addition it should also beable to move others to do good in the form of motivation, advice and guidance . Thenneeds to be conatrolled and monitored in order to get maximum results.