Globalization And It’s Impact On Higher Education In Indonesia


  • Nurwahida Institut Parahikma Indonesia


Globalization, higher education, ICT, student-centered.


This study provides an overview of the influence of globalization on higher educationin Indonesia. Globalization has brought positive effects on education as it has led to somechanges including the characteristics of higher education in Indonesia, the number of studentsstudying abroad as well the effort to improve human resource through teacher training. Themajor characteristics changed in education system is that the integration of technology inteaching and learning process. Enabling the implementation of ICT in education will improvethe quality of teaching as well elevate students learning experience in and outside the classroom.Besides, the ability to access any information easily todays has influenced the increasing numberof students studying abroad. The last but not the least, globalization has contributed thedevelopment of human resources in Indonesia. These changes are expected to enable theteachers and students to learn and get information about the recent issue in the world.