Dominance in Writing Center Tutorials for ESL Students


  • Fatmawati Akhmad Institut Parahikma Indonesia


Writing Center, Writing Center Pedagogies, Dominance, Tutorial Session, ESL/EFL Writers


The review aims to explore and investigate the writing center pedagogies and clientele and dominant interaction during tutorial sessions with ESL students. The writing center’s primary goal is to help students to better their writing. Thus, writing conferences between tutors and tutees should be centered upon the writing process and the conference   (Bell and Elledge, 2008). However, due to diverse linguistic and other influencing background factors of its frequenters, several writing center pedagogies may not be able to meet the competing needs of its ESL clients and thus, leads to the occurrence of dominance during sessions. Therefore, this article targets to shed lights on this particular writing center dynamic by conducting a comprehensive review, analysis, and synthesis of linguistic interactions utilizing referred and non-referred publications literature surrounding the notion of the writing center, its pedagogies as well as its clientele, and linguistic dominance within tutorial interactions between tutors and their ESL tutees. The findings reveal that while dominance may impede learning, it also benefits the tutees in terms of providing clearness and reinforcing learning. In response to these findings, this review concludes that keeping up-to-date with the ever changing pedagogies in accommodating the needs of ESL students with divergent backgrounds is crucial for the improvement of the writing center philosophy and practices.




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