Questioning Strategies Analysis: Teachers' Practice and Students' View


  • Parman Institut Parahikma Indonesia
  • Nurwahida Institut Parahikma Indonesia
  • Asfiah Syam Institut Parahikma Indonesia


Question , Questioning Strategy, Teachers' Practice , Students' Views


This study aimed at finding (1) the types of lecturer's questioning strategies, (2) the perception of the students toward questioning strategies applied by the lecturer on student's learning activities in the class, and (3) the purposes of questioning strategies themselves. The research methodology used was descriptive qualitative with a total sample was 4 of lecturers and 17 of students which were taken by using a convenience sampling technique. The data were gathered by using interviews and qualitative questionnaires. The results showed that there were four types of questions as a questioning strategy that lecturers frequently used. The most frequently used strategy was a probing question and high order question. The other types of questioning strategies applied by the lecturers were factual questions and structuring questions. Regarding students' perceptions, the qualitative questionnaires showed that all of the students said that the questioning strategy was very important especially in guiding thinking, independent thinking, monitoring, and evaluation. Furthermore, the purposes of lecturers asking question to students were to gaining attention, checking prior knowledge, checking to understand, enhancing knowledge, experimenting, and encouraging students' thinking. Therefore it is expected that the lecturers will be aware of the importance of the questioning strategy in learning and encourage students to participate and engage more in effective classroom interaction.


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