Author Guidelines

Preparing Manuscript

P-JEIS publishes peer-reviewed articles in the forms of analysis and debates, reports, reflections, reviews of studies, meta-analyses, and theoretical papers related to educational practices and integrated sciences at any level of education. As our readers consist of students, teachers, and researchers, manuscripts need to be coherent to those groups of readers. Therefore, articles need to avoid extensive use of abbreviations in the manuscript, avoiding them completely in the abstract. Furthermore, before submitting a manuscript, authors need to edit their text in alignment with the guidelines below. Authors should also read the review guidelines to make sure their manuscript meets the general expectations of a P-JEIS publication.


The language of the manuscript can be in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Articles written in Bahasa Indonesia must include an English title, abstract and keywords.


The article should be submitted as Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx). Please use our template and follow the next guidelines in the formatting of the text:

Length: Minimum of 4.000 words and Maximum of 8.000 words, including references.
Main title: Capitalize each letter except for the conjunctions.
Abstract: maximum of 300 words
Keywords: 3–5 relevant keywords
Titles: Capitalize the first letter only. Numbered title levels (1, 1.1, 1.2, 2 ...)
Text, charts and images are all included in the same document.
References and citing according to APA 6 or 7 style.

Template: Download P-JEIS Template for preparing the manuscript.

Files to be Submitted

The name of the file "P-JEIS - Your-last-name et al." The file with the article needs to be in a format suitable for review. The file should include the title, abstract, text and possibly images/tables. Additional files, such as appendix should be attached to the manuscript, after the list of references.  In addition to above described files, you may submit a graphical absract image or cover image that will increase the visibility of your article. See examples from the journal archives.  

Submitting Manuscript

When submitting a manuscript, fill in all the meta-data asked for in the submission form (e.g. keywords, subject etc.). This will help the editor find suitable reviewers for the manuscript. Authors may also suggest potential reviewers for their manusript, as long as the suggested reviewers would not be in a position of conflicts of interest.

Publication Fees

Publishing in P-JEIS is free for authors. P-JEIS doesn't charge any article processing charges.