Focus and Scope

P-JEIS: Parahikma Journal of Education and Integrated Sciences is a peer-reviewed and open access publication of original research and writing on education. The focus of P-JEIS is on all levels, stages, processes, and issues of education (e.g. science and technology education, social and humanities education, education management, curriculum and instruction, learning innovation and evaluation, primary and higher education, and language and literacy education). 

P-JEIS aims to disseminate knowledge and understanding related to education practices and other related and integrated sciences in education. Researchers, scholars, academics, teachers, administrators, specialists, and students are invited to submit manuscripts that inform knowledge of educational practices and development.

While it is intended that the journal will remain academic in nature, the readers are considered to be educational generalists and articles which are of interest to such readers will receive preference.

P-JEIS offers two issues each calendar year in January and July.

Back issues of P-JEIS can be accessed on

P-ISSN: 2774-4493

E-ISSN: 2774-4507